Privilege Pay

Privilege Pay is a program that allows members to overdraw their share draft account up to $500 for 21 days.  There is a fee for each share draft , ACH or Bill Payment debit that is presented causing an overdraft to the share draft account.  Privilege Pay allows members to avoid having an occasional share draft returned for insufficient funds.

Share Draft Checking

Our share draft accounts let you write “checks” on your credit union funds. Depending on which type of share draft account you choose, Econodraft or Premium Draft, you can even earn dividends on the balance.

Econodraft Econodraft is the basic draft account. It requires a $100 to open.

  • No per check charge

  • Unlimited check writing privileges

  • Duplicate checks are standard

Enterprise Draft To open an enterprise draft you must start with, and maintain, a $100 balance. This draft has a monthly fee of $4.50, but no per-draft charge. You get free counter drafts when you sign up, and images of your drafts will be returned to you at the end of the month.

Premium Draft This is the highest quality draft account we have. You must have and maintain a $1000 balance, or you will be charged a $5 monthly fee. On this account if you have an over $1000 balance you will receive a monthly dividend. With this account you will receive free basic drafts.

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Total Overdraft Protection

We offer an open line of credit, when upon approval, it will be tied specifically to your share draft account. Should your account become overdrawn, the credit line automatically covers you.