As a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative, Fergus Federal Credit Union is committed to our members. We will uphold our fundamental responsibility to actively serve people within our field of membership, and as appropriate, the communities they live in. We will treat all members with respect and dignity and will offer honest, fair deals to all members at all times. We will deliver a range of low cost products and services to the diverse economic and social make-up of our members and potential members. We will look for better ways to reach out to the un- or under served people in our field of membership. And we will continually, in all facets of operations, demonstrate the value of membership in Fergus Federal Credit Union.
We monitor and communicate our service to members in a meaningful way so that members, potential members, legislators, regulators, and the community at large will understand and appreciate the unique role that member-owned financial cooperatives play in their lives.
Throughout Fergus Federal Credit Union's strategic plan, we will put forth every effort to enable our members to become financially self-sufficient and successful. We will place high importance on consumer education and the teaching of financial thrift.
This Statement of Commitment to Members is consistent with our credit union principles of "Not for Profit, Not for Charity, But for Service" and our philosophy of "People Helping People", This statement represents good business practices that ensure the financial strength of our credit union on behalf of our members.


Service to Members

Fergus County Credit Union strives to offer services designed to improve the economic and social well-being of all members from all socio-economic backgrounds, including our low-and moderate-income members, and return financial value to all those who participate in our member-owned financial cooperative.

Current Services that Help Improve the Economic and Social Well Being of Members:

  • Young Adult Program - Our youth membership club targeted for children age 0 -14. Promotes savings and good money management for youth. This club offers special incentives for deposits over $5.00 on Wednesdays, drawings for savings deposits during the month before the Central Montana Fair, and other incentives for savings.
  • YAP (Young Adult Program) - Our program designed specifically for those entering their teen years. Special investment offers, assistance with checking and savings accounts, and access to credit and ATM lines. Young adult members are taken through an education package on their draft accounts, such as writing drafts, recording deposits, and balancing their checkbooks.
  • Econodraft - Our free draft account is the most popular and fastest growing of the draft accounts.
  • Government Insured Student Loans - Check with your school, college or university for these loans.
  • Member Surveys - We want our members input into how our credit union can better serve them. We send out surveys to find out what is on our members minds. 
  • Small Personal Loans - Our credit union continually strives to help our members with their short-term, small financial needs by offering these loans at competitive pricing.
  • Immediate Credit On Most Deposits - We provide a business day that ends when we close our doors at night. Members receive instant posting to their accounts and are given a receipt with their balances before the transaction, amount of transaction, and current balance after the transaction is posted. Also, our members statements have an end of month cut-off.
  • Finance Your Vehicle Through Your Credit Union (Dealer Assignment) - We have created an environment where a member, or potential member may go to a dealer and finance their vehicle with us, while waiting at the dealer office. This makes it easy and convenient for our members to arrange financing for the new or used vehicle of their choice.
  • Teller Talk - Our 24 hour a day, 7 day a week service to members. Members may call in on an 800 number from anywhere at any time and check balances, verify draft numbers clearing, make transfers and leave messages for credit union staff.

Member Education

Fergus Federal Credit Union is committed to member and consumer financial education; in addition we are committed to educating members and consumers, alike, about credit union uniqueness, philosophy, and values.

Current Programs that Support Member Education and Advocacy:

  • Credit Line (FFCU'S Newsletter) - Each edition of our newsletter contains valuable eduation for members related to credit union uniqueness, provides assistance through articles on such topics as loans, estate planning, important community and credit union topics. We are committed to education on important issues that pertain to our credit union. As such, we have moved our credit lines in house.
  • Employee Orientation - Each new person to the Fergus Federal Credit Union is provided with extensive supervised training and orientation through videos, STAR modules, and by cross-training.They are in a continual process of growth through both in and out of house education programs.
  • Newspaper/Radio Advertisements and Education - Our credit union participates in education of the community by providing radio and newspaper spots and advertisement on timely issues for our community.
  • Consumer Corner in lobby - We provide materials on each of the different services, publications that support consumer education of products, and consumerism.
  • Brochures - Our lobby is stocked with helpful materials and information on a variety of topics. We also send brochures out to members who are needing help in specific areas, such as rebuilding credit.
  • Young Adult Program - This program is targeted at teaching 14 - 19 year old people about financial literacy. This is done so that they may fully understand financial responsiblity, with the help of educational packets to learn balancing a checkbook, and materials that promote good money sense.
  • Fergus Federal Credit Union Web-Site - Our web site will contain valuable product information, links to other credit union service organizations such as NCUA and CUNA. It will provide assistance in calculating loan information, applications for membership and loans, tax filing on-line, and a childrens' page where they can learn more about money and safety.
  • School Workshops - We offer school workshops to area schools within our field of membership. Topics include, money, savings, interest rates, investment, loans, checking accounts, and credit cards. These programs are offered to help promote financial literacy in the schools and to assist young people  to become financially responsible.


Fergus Federal Credit Union will endeavor to preserve credit union democratic principles, including demographic representation and volunteer participation in credit union activities.

Current Programs that support Involvement/Governance:

  • Annual Meetings - Are held each year during the month of March. The members are made aware of the meetings through statement stuffers and messages on receipts so that they may attend the annual meeting and vote on key issues regarding their credit union.
  • Board Elections- All board members are voted in by members who are in attendance at the annual meeting.
  • Board Nominations - Each year nominations are made as positions are vacated. Nominations are made from within the membership of the credit union.
  • Board Vacancies - When the situation arises where a board member resigns during his/her term, the board has a practice of reviewing the membership of the credit union to determine the replacement to finish the vacancy. 
  • Committee Involvement - Fergus Federal Credit Union has several ongoing committees and strongly encourages members to volunteer and participate. The supervisory committee conduct an audits of the credit unions and reviews the day-to-day operations.  The membership committee reviews all new and closed membership accounts.
  • Board Attendance Standards - The members of the Fergus Federal Credit Union Board of Directors is encouraged to attend all of the scheduled meetings. A majority of the members must be present for business to be conducted. All officials sign a Conflict of Interest Statement each year.
  • Board Education Opportunities - Board members are encouraged to attend seminars and to read educational materials regarding the credit union and its operations.


Fergus Federal Credit Union recognizes the value of demographic diversity in staff as well as in volunteers, and will strive to bring people of varying backgrounds and experiences into leadership and other roles at the credit union.

Current Programs that Promote Diversity:

  • Board Representation - A concerted effort has always been made by the board of directors to bring in committee members and board members from the community at large.
  • Equal Opportunity Employment - Fergus Federal Credit Union actively seeks to fill vacancies by hiring qualified candidates without regard to race, creed, religion, or socio-economic status, seeking to represent the community in which we operate.

Commitment to the Credit Union Movement and other Cooperative Activities

Fergus Federal Credit Union will work to build and strengthen our unique credit union movement by providing financial and in-kind resources to others within the credit union community, and by actively advocating the credit union difference at all levels of government and in other appropriate public forums. In addition, Fergus Federal Credit Union will participate in local, state and national cooperative activities as appropriate, and will strive to build and strengthen relationships with other sectors of the national cooperative movement.

Current Activities that Support the Credit Union Movement:

  • Mentoring/Cross-Training - Fergus Federal Credit Union's senior management staff provides opportunities for training, and assists in teaching, conducts planning sessions and assists with in-house training.
  • Leadership Roles - Members of the Fergus Federal Credit Union's senior management staff participate in both league and chapter positions. Among these are: Montana Credit Union Net work Board and  Russell Chapter of Credit Unions Board.
  • Continuing Education - Fergus Federal Credit Union supports continuing education so that employees may further their careers in the credit union movement.

Organizations Participation - Montana Credit Union Network and Credit Union National Association. By participating in all of these organizations, we are better able to serve our members needs by participating in workshops, training, satellite broadcasts, and league training opportunities. Our loan officers and executives have opportunity to further their education and help others within the credit union by participating in in-house training.

And other Cooperative Activities:

Other activities which help to support the credit union movement are the following:

  • We provide individual support to the Montana Credit Union Action Committee
  • We are on advisory committees for CuSource, our data processing provider
  • We attend the Governmental Affairs Conference on Legislative Activities
  • We attend Credit Union National Association Training Conferences
  • We attend the annual Summit Gathering of the Top Credit Unions in the State.

Public Service / Corporate Responsibility Programs and Activities

Fergus Federal Credit Union will work to build and strengthen our unique credit union movement by participating in community events and activities and, and by actively advocating the credit union difference at all levels of the community. Fergus Federal Credit Union encourages all staff, management and board of directors to participate in community activities, and will strive to build and strengthen relationships with other sectors of our community.

Current Public Service/Corporate Responsibility Programs and Activities:

  • What the Credit Union Is Doing for the Community- Each year the Fergus County Credit Union participates in the Relay for Life fundraiser, the 4 H Junior Livestock Sale, and makes many donations to community events, and makes donations to schools throughout our area.
  • What the Credit Union Board of Directors are doing for the Community - Over the years the board has volunteered at Fergus High Athletic Events in many capacities, Fergus Eagle Booster Club, making donations to community events, Board of Directors Eagles Manor, Board of Directors for Pheasants Forever and Montana Conservation Association, Library Board Chairperson, Member of City Council, Member of Hospital Task Force, Greeters Committee for Lewistown Chamber of Commerce, Central Montana Home Health Advisory Board, Women's Health Issues Board, Church activities, groups and boards of a wide variety, St. Leos' Educational Trust Board, Board of Directors of Grass Range Ambulance Service, Emergency Medical Technician, Officer of Elks at Pine Meadows Golf Club, Providing Free Dentistry to those in need, Montana County Treasurer's Association, Legislative Committee for County Treasurer's Association, and there are many others.
  • What Individual Staff Members are doing for the Community - Volunteering on Central Montana Medical Center Board of Directors, Volunteering on the Central Montana Foundation, Junior Class Prom, Church activities, groups and boards of a wide variety, Chamber of Commerce, Spirit of Christmas, DARE, Fergus Golden Eagle Booster, New Industries, Volunteering at Fergus High School in many different capacities, Participating in the Central Montana Ag Tour, Assisting at the Eagles Sponsored 4th of July Breakfast, Showing community spirit by participating in the 4th of July and Fair Parades. Staff is also involved in charitable activities such as Ski for Light,  Relay for Life, and  many others.